April 13, 2016


Kickstarter update #40

Did you move? How to update your address.

Hi Kickstarters,

Since I had to take over 50% of manufacturing it's a little slower than expected, but I have sent close to 100 DaHANGERs so far and I am finishing  between 6 - 9 units per workday. Everybody will get their reward and I am slowly upgrading my equipment to speed things up. For example I have moved on from ordering foam in 5 gallon buckets and getting my first drum (55 gallons) delivery this week. This requires me to have tools and new equipment to get the foam out and into the part. I also decided that after running out of granite white parts, that it was good use of time to drive (700 miles) to our supplier last Sunday to pick up (90 granite white, 10 grey) DaHANGERs on Monday and discuss a couple of quality control issues that I had. This is all very exciting and I am so happy to finally be able to (slowly :) fulfill all of our Kickstarter rewards. 

 If you have moved during our lengthy campaign, please make sure to updated your address in your survey. Just go to our DaHANGER (Shelfie) Kickstarter campaign page, find your reward, click on survey response and edit your address. This will help me from making any shipping mistakes. I am using a shipping app called Shipping-Easy which sends out an e-mail with tracking when your reward is being send out.

All the black DaHANGERs have shipped and granite white is next. There are 10 grey DaHANGERs that we received to approve the color that will also ship in the next two weeks. 

Oh, and one more things, the order of fulfillment is kinda random since my backer report has all of your names in the order of when payment cleared and not when you backed our project. No matter what, everybody will get theirs sooner or later. 

Thank you for hanging in there,


March 16, 2016


Kickstarter update # 39

Black DaHÄNGERs are on their way.

Well, I didn't get struck by lightning and boxes are shipping out. But of course there is always a little bad news, but this one only effects me and has nothing to do with the end result. 

all the black once are complete
all the black once are complete
just hanging at UPS
just hanging at UPS


Our latest manufacturer was unable to setup their foaming gun and fill the parts with foam for us. booooooo :(  So they are only making the plastic parts for us. 

So I went, picked up the fixture and have been figuring out for the last week how to do this on my own. (with great success so far). The secret is using the right foam, having vents at the right spot and one very common but secrete ingredient that makes it possible. 

The good news is I am able to finish them, including the flame polish. The bad news is that it's just going to be a little slower than originally planned since I have to spend roughly 1 1/2 hours on each unit before I can send it out.

I do love that I am involved in the making of the product again and have the hands on experience that I am used to.

The granite white DaHÄNGERs will be next. 

thanks for hanging in there.


March 02, 2016


Starting out with three colors

We will start out with these three colors. 

Black, grey and granite white. Black and grey are solid colors and tinted thru out the material and not painted on. The granite white has small random black specks in it and is also tinted thru out the material and not painted on. 

Here are two samples of what the grey (solid) and granite white (random specks) look like.

February 22, 2016


Kickstarters first and then....

Be next in line by pre-ordering today.

Yes, can you believe it? You probably thought this day would never come, but we have finally completed our product development journey and are in the middle of production. There are about 500 Kickstarter backers that are waiting very patiently for their products and they will be the first to get the DaHÄNGER's. We are currently producing at a speed of 100 units per week and will move right into our newly created pre-order list.
The first Pre-orders will start shipping 7-8 weeks from now.
Save your spot at the top of the list by pre-ordering now and also take advantage of our free shipping within the USA offer.

What's a pre-order you ask?

Your pre-order locks your place in line to receive your DaHÄNGER after we finish sending our Kickstarter orders out.  Your card will be charged when you reserve your DaHÄNGER, but you can of course cancel at anytime for a refund.

After your DaHÄNGER arrives you still have a full 30 days to make sure it lives up to your expectations. If it's not love at first sight, you can send it back to us for a refund.

Remember - this will be most likely the only way to get a DaHÄNGER before the 2016 riding season kicks into high gear. 

February 14, 2016


Kickstarter update #38

Our new manufacturer has been nothing but amazing. I spent two days with them this week testing different materials and had them run the mold and foam fixture to make sure everything is ready to go. Production should start next week and as soon as they have a couple of pallets loaded they will ship them to us and we will send them out to you guys. One little change happened that will effect the black DaHÄNGERs. We originally wanted to use recycled materials to have less of an environmental impact. Well, it turns out that the regrind (recycled material) is very inconsistent and does not provide the strength needed to hold up the bikes. So we are going to be using the same material for all three colors. 

If anybody wants to switch their reward color to black please send me a message (not a comment) on Kickstarter and I will make a note of it. Also, if you have moved recently please update your address in the next week to make sure it's going to the right place. Fulfillment will take roughly 5 weeks since they can only produce around 75 - 100 units per week. 

I will let you guys know as soon as the first reward are on the way. 

And like always, thanks for hanging in there.


December 28, 2015


Kickstarter update #36

First look at our production model

We have received the best X-mas present we could have asked for. It’s the present of only posting good news in our Kickstarter campaign. The foamed out part got installed and tested. It looks and performs exactly like the wooden prototypes. (it actually looks a lot better since they are not hand painted) There is a last material option that we want to test on January 8th before going into production 2-3 weeks later. This means shipping will start in February.

We also added a “how to install in sheetrock” video and posted it on our website.

Things are finally coming together.





October 30, 2015


This is the fastest bike on a DaHÄNGER so far.

One of our prototypes puts another prototype in the right place. Hanka Kupfernagel was looking for a way to display her TT bike that she won the worlds on in Stuttgart 2007. - Unfortunately the original front wheel is missing, but she loves that she is able to show of her helmet and medal together with her bike.  - here is what she posted on her Facebook page - "it is a nice memory of a real great day and race in my life: 29,7km - 43,43km/h - 34:43min ...and my TT helmet fits perfectly in the ‪#‎DaHänger‬ !"  

She one of the most talented female cyclists in the history of the sport and now we also know what her living room looks like :) Very stylish !!!

October 26, 2015


Keeping cross weird in Bennington VT

The Wicked Cross in Bennington Vermont must be one of our favorite races of the year. Besides having an awesome technically challenging cross course and great competition there is always a costume lap where everybody is a winner. This race is part of the NYcross.com series and offers a kids race and free candy for whoever dares to ride a lap dress up in their wicked Halloween outfit.

If you like cross, the beautiful fall foliage of Vermont and candy, then you should put the Wicked Cross of the NYcross series on you calendar for next year. 


October 15, 2015


new bike days are the best

When the UPS truck came up the driveway I already had a feeling that this could be the one thing I have been waiting for quite some time now. The new BIKE frame.

I have been riding and racing bikes since I was twelve and probably owned over 100 bikes. But there are only a few that I have kept thru out my live. Most of them either broke, got sold or stolen. There is the 1993 Manitou DH bike or the Schwinn Straight 8 for example that were instant classics and I never even thought of selling them. The reason why I am so excited about another bike is because this one is another keeper. I have always wanted a custom handmade single speed bike, but this one is special in many ways. First of - the bike was made Germany,  (just like me) and is a one of a kind Cyclo Cross machine from Nicolai.  And second - this is not only going to be a single speed, but a gates carbon belt drive single speed. As of right now it's only a frame in a box and I am going to start gathering parts together to build this bike that will be with us for the rest of his life.

Stay tuned for the completed Nicolai. But here is a little sneak peek of what's to come.

ride on



October 13, 2015


Don't lean it if you can hang it?

Keep your bike from falling over. Don't lean it - Hang it !!!