December 28, 2015


Kickstarter update #36

First look at our production model

We have received the best X-mas present we could have asked for. It’s the present of only posting good news in our Kickstarter campaign. The foamed out part got installed and tested. It looks and performs exactly like the wooden prototypes. (it actually looks a lot better since they are not hand painted) There is a last material option that we want to test on January 8th before going into production 2-3 weeks later. This means shipping will start in February.

We also added a “how to install in sheetrock” video and posted it on our website.

Things are finally coming together.





October 30, 2015


This is the fastest bike on a DaHÄNGER so far.

One of our prototypes puts another prototype in the right place. Hanka Kupfernagel was looking for a way to display her TT bike that she won the worlds on in Stuttgart 2007. - Unfortunately the original front wheel is missing, but she loves that she is able to show of her helmet and medal together with her bike.  - here is what she posted on her Facebook page - "it is a nice memory of a real great day and race in my life: 29,7km - 43,43km/h - 34:43min ...and my TT helmet fits perfectly in the ‪#‎DaHänger‬ !"  

She one of the most talented female cyclists in the history of the sport and now we also know what her living room looks like :) Very stylish !!!

October 26, 2015


Keeping cross weird in Bennington VT

The Wicked Cross in Bennington Vermont must be one of our favorite races of the year. Besides having an awesome technically challenging cross course and great competition there is always a costume lap where everybody is a winner. This race is part of the series and offers a kids race and free candy for whoever dares to ride a lap dress up in their wicked Halloween outfit.

If you like cross, the beautiful fall foliage of Vermont and candy, then you should put the Wicked Cross of the NYcross series on you calendar for next year. 


October 15, 2015


new bike days are the best

When the UPS truck came up the driveway I already had a feeling that this could be the one thing I have been waiting for quite some time now. The new BIKE frame.

I have been riding and racing bikes since I was twelve and probably owned over 100 bikes. But there are only a few that I have kept thru out my live. Most of them either broke, got sold or stolen. There is the 1993 Manitou DH bike or the Schwinn Straight 8 for example that were instant classics and I never even thought of selling them. The reason why I am so excited about another bike is because this one is another keeper. I have always wanted a custom handmade single speed bike, but this one is special in many ways. First of - the bike was made Germany,  (just like me) and is a one of a kind Cyclo Cross machine from Nicolai.  And second - this is not only going to be a single speed, but a gates carbon belt drive single speed. As of right now it's only a frame in a box and I am going to start gathering parts together to build this bike that will be with us for the rest of his life.

Stay tuned for the completed Nicolai. But here is a little sneak peek of what's to come.

ride on



October 13, 2015


Don't lean it if you can hang it?

Keep your bike from falling over. Don't lean it - Hang it !!!

October 09, 2015


Kickstarter update #33

Today was the earliest that our foam fixture could have been finished but unfortunately the tool shop hasn't been able to complete it because of other jobs and pushed the delivery date back to the 23rd of October. Ouch :(  This seemed unacceptable to our manufacturer who is pushing them hard to complete it by the 16th. There is not much I can do about this but sit tight and prepare for the time when things are going to come in. 

One thing that I did do is build a little photo booth in the shop so that I can take photos of the actual pieces once we get them. 

DIY photo booth
DIY photo booth

The DYI photo booth: It's pretty cool since all I used for this was four shower curtains and a  bunch of light cans. 

Here are some pics of the black (recycled) DaHÄNGER without foam and felt pad. 

I will post an update as soon as I have any news about the foam fixture.

thanks for hanging in there.


September 29, 2015


Hide the ice-cream and keep your bike closer.

All we need is speed bumps and short cuts to change our habits.

There is always room for improvement. Some of us want to loose weight, others are just trying to get into better shape and commute by bike to work. No matter what it is that you are trying to achieve, there is one thing that you can do today that will not only get you results, but changes your daily habits. This is key, since we tend to not stick to short term goals but rather new lifestyle changes that impact our social and physical well being. 

The path of least resistance: (20 seconds faster or slower can change everything)

Make it easier for yourself to be good and harder to be bad. How do you do that? Easy, if your plan is to go jogging more often, place your running shoes at the front edge of your closet. This will make it easier for you to get to them and also signals a constant reminder that you made a commitment to jogging. I do this for example with my stationary trainer bike in the winter. It's placed at the edge of the living room and I am forced to walk past it every time I am heading into the kitchen. (thankfully my better half rides bikes as well and allows me to do this) If I were to place my trainer in the basement, garage or anywhere out of sight, I would most likely never ride it. This is just one example on how to make "being good" easier, but it also works in the other direction. 

Make it harder to be bad:

Want to eat less junk food, but somebody in your house keeps buying and placing it in plain sight around your apartment? Placing the junk food in one of the upper kitchen cabinets so that you need to use a step stool to get to it might just be enough of a delay to keep you from putting your hand into the cookie jar every five minutes. I am not saying it's a cure, but a great speed bump that hopefully will cut down on sugar highs.

Slowing down bad behaviors and speeding up good behaviors can be applied in many ways:

  • cutting down TV time (taking batteries out of remote and putting them in another room) 
  • eat less ice cream (stash ice cream in the back of the freezer behind all the real food)           
  • no more cell phones during dinner (place phone inside a jacket away from the table)
  • eat more fruits (have basket of fruits placed on the counter)
  • commute more by bike (don't hide your bike in the back of the garage, store it in plain sight)
  • recycle your trash (have a recycling bin next to your trash can)

I am not saying that this will work for everybody, but it for sure worked for me. 

so be good :) and ride that bike 


    September 14, 2015


    Kickstarter update #32

    Hi Kickstarter backers,

    I just wanted to update everybody on last weeks meeting.

    We got to sit down and discuss the first parts out of the new mold and besides a couple of minor touch-ups on the mold everything looks good. My prediction of having to HD-foam fill this part has also come true and we have placed an order for the foam fixture. 

    recycled PE-black and natural sample
    recycled PE-black and natural sample


    We now also have an option of offering a model out of recycled PE (which is black). I know this wasn't part of the Kickstarter rewards but if there are enough of you guys that are interested in the recycled black we could add it to the rewards and we let you know how to change your color choice. Please leave a comment like: "black=yes" on this update to let us know if we should offer this to you guys.

    I personally love first black recycled-PE pre-production models and have mounted the first one in my living room. Without foam they are only strong enough to hold a frame. We need to foam fill them to hold up complete bikes.

    first pre-production model out of recycled PE.
    first pre-production model out of recycled PE.


     Why do we need a foam fixture? Here is what happens when you fill a part with HD-foam without a foam fixture. The fixture will keep the part form deforming and bulging out.

    under pressure - foaming without fixture looks like this:
    under pressure - foaming without fixture looks like this:


     We needed to find out how strong the foam is, so we used this deformed model to do some early testing and it looks like this will be our solution. They also told us that it should take 2-3 weeks to build the foam fixture. (...and we are pushing for 2 weeks) After that we will test how strong the foamed parts are. 

    All in all things are moving along and are getting completed.

    Next update will happen after we receive our foam fixture.

    thanks for hanging in there,


    September 04, 2015


    light at the end of the tunnel (...and it's not a train)

    Why is this Kickstarter project taking so long...

    Over the last couple of month we have received countless e-mails and questions. Some of you are asking us "why is this product still not available and how much longer?", others are just voicing their frustration on how ridiculously long the wait has been. Guess what? We feel the same way. Even so we have been told by other companies that product development always takes longer and costs more than anticipated the transparency of being a Kickstarter project multiplies the level of frustrations with every set back and delay.

    After changing manufacturers and using a different production process, our new mold just produced the first couple of samples. We still need to approve the final product, but as soon as we do the only thing left is to order raw materials, figure out the colors and schedule production.

    Things are finally coming together.

    We have a meeting with our manufacturer next Thursday and I will let you know more about the "when" after that. 

    Thank you for all the support,


    August 20, 2015


    DaHÄNGER at the Eurobike tradeshow

    We'll be hanging with Trickstuff (Hall A2 stand 103) at the Eurobike. Find out about the - when, where, why, how and who is going to release the DaHÄNGER in Europe. Come by and say "hi".