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Storing bikes in a small space can be a challenge. One solution that has become increasingly popular is to hang bikes in a 45-degree angle, which can save space and make your home look neater.

The first and most obvious benefit of hanging bikes in a 45-degree angle is that it takes up less space. This will allow you to hang longer bikes on shorter walls and even add more bikes by overlapping the front wheel from one bike over the rear wheel from another.

The second benefit is that it can be easier to store bikes in this manner. Hanging bikes at a 45-degree angle allows them to be stored in a way that is out of the way and not likely to be bumped or knocked over. Additionally, the bikes can be stored at a height that is easy to reach, making it simple to grab them and go when you are ready to ride.

In conclusion, hanging bikes at a 45-degree angle can be a great solution for those who want to save space, protect their bikes, and make their home look neater. If you are struggling to find space for your bikes, consider investing in a bike rack or hooks that will allow you to hang them at an angle. Not only will it help you to save space, but it will also make it easier to store your bikes and protect them from damage.

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Brett Spenst
Brett Spenst

December 17, 2023

I’m interested in the dabigring but I would like a wheel holder on both front and back (as opposed to just the wall plate for the back wheel. Is that possible? Thank you, Brett

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