DaSPROCKET Pedal Hook installation

DaSPROCKET holds the bikes at a 20 degree angle. Perfect for narrow hallways or when storing two bikes on top of each other.
DaSPROCKET holds bikes up to 40 lbs.
Both pedal hooks systems  (Dan and DaSPROCKET) can be installed into Sheetrock, plaster or concrete walls.
Can I hang a lightweight bike without hitting studs?
The answer is: MAYBE

We recommend getting two screws of the pedal hook into a stud when dealing with a hollow core wall (like Sheetrock), but for super lightweight bikes (around 20lbs.) everything can be installed with the supplied mollies, if done correctly. Pre-drill the holes with a 1/4" drill bit and install the mollies. We also recommend hand tightening the screws, since some of the new screw guns are so powerful that they will strip out the mollies immediately. Since there are many variables like, ...we don't know who installed your sheetrock? ...and how skilled are you in using wall anchors? ...our answer will always be MAYBE. We have installed many bikes this way, but still recommend screwing two out of the four pedal hook screws into a stud if possible.

What bikes goes where when stacking multiple bikes?

You should install bikes from top down. Start has high as possible with the bike that has the widest handlebars. Hold your bike by the fork and the seat tube and see how high you can reach. (have the crank arm closest to the wall in the up position and mark the pedal location on the wall with painters tape).

For more step by step instructions please watch the watch video

How to install DaSPROCKET
              Thank you for your purchase and enjoy your DaHANGER.


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