Oktoberfest-ride. It’s that time of beer (year) again.

October 02, 2018

As the road cycling season winds down and we enter the fall in the northeast, the time to get those epic rides in before winter is slowly running out. Cooler crisper mornings with vibrant fall foliage and a sun that is still strong enough to keep you from bundling up during the day makes this the prime season for epic rides.

This year we are setting out for a new adventure. Pennsylvania here we come.

You had me at beer, brats and a 26% climb.

When we heard about a 62 mile ride with 4000’ of climbing that starts and finishes at a Brewery with beer and brats included, it was almost a no brainer that we have to be there. After looking thru the course description we discovered that the route includes one of those climbs that will stay with you forever as it is burned into your memory through extreme muscle pain and lack of oxygen.

So if you are anything like us and live in the northeast, come and join us at the Oktoberfest ride. You can sign up for the event via bikereg. as usual.

Also keep in mind that the following week is the Philly Bike Expo from Oct. 27-28th and we would love to see you at both events.




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