October 31, 2018

 Fashion trends and rules can be so confusing (and dumb). Whoever made up the rule that you can only wear white in the summer must have been a non working socialite with too many clothes. We say wear whatever color you want, white pants in the winter is still better than no pants at all. That being said, we waited until summer is over (take that fashion police) to introduce our new minimalist white DaSPROCKET with white hardware. We have gotten a ton of feedback and understand that not everybody has the same reasons why they want to mount their bike on a wall.

“It’s all about the bike stupid”: After offering DaSPROCKET in black, the Dan pedal hook in red white and blue, we needed to come up with the ultimate minimalistic bike hanger that makes your bike the focal point. Just making the DaSPROCKET in white wasn’t going to be enough, we needed to make sure that everything fades into the background and lets the bike be the star.

Going the extra mile and adding the white hardware pack to the white DaSPROCKET gives your bike the appearance that it is held up by magic. You can add felt pads for protection or a little dash of color. And no worries, this fashion trend is good to go all year round.


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