August 17, 2022

If I would have told you 15 years ago that you are going to buy a new bike and it will weight 40 lbs. and cost $ 5,000.- in 2022 you would have called me crazy. Well, here we are. Bikes are always changing, and for years everything was getting lighter and lighter. The E-bike has changed what it means to have a heavy bike forever. Now everybody from component manufacturers to accessory companies seem to be scrambling to keep up with the extra load plus the wear and tear. Luckily we always overbuild our products and didn't need to adjust anything. As far as car racks goes, there also seems to be a bit of a lag in weight capacity. The 1Up-USA car rack company that has a similar business model as DaHANGER by only selling direct to consumer and had no problem with the extra weight. Sometimes it pays to over-engineer products for longevity. Please check out the full video of what we think is the best car rack, plus see why DaHANGER is the best option for your E-bike.

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