Kickstarter update #38

February 14, 2016

Our new manufacturer has been nothing but amazing. I spent two days with them this week testing different materials and had them run the mold and foam fixture to make sure everything is ready to go. Production should start next week and as soon as they have a couple of pallets loaded they will ship them to us and we will send them out to you guys. One little change happened that will effect the black DaHÄNGERs. We originally wanted to use recycled materials to have less of an environmental impact. Well, it turns out that the regrind (recycled material) is very inconsistent and does not provide the strength needed to hold up the bikes. So we are going to be using the same material for all three colors. 

If anybody wants to switch their reward color to black please send me a message (not a comment) on Kickstarter and I will make a note of it. Also, if you have moved recently please update your address in the next week to make sure it's going to the right place. Fulfillment will take roughly 5 weeks since they can only produce around 75 - 100 units per week. 

I will let you guys know as soon as the first reward are on the way. 

And like always, thanks for hanging in there.


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