Kickstarters first and then....

February 22, 2016

Be next in line by pre-ordering today.

Yes, can you believe it? You probably thought this day would never come, but we have finally completed our product development journey and are in the middle of production. There are about 500 Kickstarter backers that are waiting very patiently for their products and they will be the first to get the DaHÄNGER's. We are currently producing at a speed of 100 units per week and will move right into our newly created pre-order list.
The first Pre-orders will start shipping 7-8 weeks from now.
Save your spot at the top of the list by pre-ordering now and also take advantage of our free shipping within the USA offer.

What's a pre-order you ask?

Your pre-order locks your place in line to receive your DaHÄNGER after we finish sending our Kickstarter orders out.  Your card will be charged when you reserve your DaHÄNGER, but you can of course cancel at anytime for a refund.

After your DaHÄNGER arrives you still have a full 30 days to make sure it lives up to your expectations. If it's not love at first sight, you can send it back to us for a refund.

Remember - this will be most likely the only way to get a DaHÄNGER before the 2016 riding season kicks into high gear. 

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