Kickstarter update #23

April 20, 2015

The mold got fitted into the injection-molding machine last week. This was a pretty big job since our tool requires water, air, electric and hydraulic oil. Basically every possible variable that can be used in injection molding. Extra clamping holes had to be added to the machine to hold the 9000lbs tool in place.
The electric components got rewired and extra long hydraulic hoses had to be ordered and installed. We have received our material for this weeks test runs, which is going to be a polypro with a calcium carbonate additive.

Once we get complete parts out of the mold we will have to do some testing on strength and flexing. Since our internal ribs got shortened dramatically (after they caused two tooling failures) we really don’t know what we will get until it’s out of the mold. But no worries, anybody who knows me understands that I have a plan-B and C already in my back pocket to correct any excessive flex in our part. These are the final finishing touches of our DaHÄNGER product and everything needs to be as good as it can be before I will send them out.
The light at the end of the Kickstarter tunnel is getting closer and I cannot thank all of you enough for all the help. I have met some amazing people thru this campaign and made new friends that will be part of my life long past this experience. I love the whole Kickstarter community and hope that this platform stays true to helping the little guys (like me) and doesn’t become another sales channel for already established companies that are trying to get some free publicity out of it.

Thanks again and I will update as soon as I have tested some parts.


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