Kickstarter update #22 - Welcome to New York

April 02, 2015

After loosing an additional 10 days in customs it finally happened. Our mold/tooling got delivered and is sitting in our factory in New York. Now they have to make a couple of custom hydraulic manifolds for it and rewire the hot runner plug to US standards. They are also scheduling a technician to come in and hard wire the valve gate system to the machine. This should hopefully all happen next week and if completed, they can run the machine the following week.

Once we get the first parts out of the mold we will do some testing for strength and flex. This will determine what kind of polymer we are going to use as our material.  We want to find a good balance between tensile strength and flex. The next weeks are very crucial and we have to pay attention to every detail. Stay tuned for the next update (hopefully coming very soon)



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