Kickstarter update #40

April 13, 2016

Did you move? How to update your address.

Hi Kickstarters,

Since I had to take over 50% of manufacturing it's a little slower than expected, but I have sent close to 100 DaHANGERs so far and I am finishing  between 6 - 9 units per workday. Everybody will get their reward and I am slowly upgrading my equipment to speed things up. For example I have moved on from ordering foam in 5 gallon buckets and getting my first drum (55 gallons) delivery this week. This requires me to have tools and new equipment to get the foam out and into the part. I also decided that after running out of granite white parts, that it was good use of time to drive (700 miles) to our supplier last Sunday to pick up (90 granite white, 10 grey) DaHANGERs on Monday and discuss a couple of quality control issues that I had. This is all very exciting and I am so happy to finally be able to (slowly :) fulfill all of our Kickstarter rewards. 

 If you have moved during our lengthy campaign, please make sure to updated your address in your survey. Just go to our DaHANGER (Shelfie) Kickstarter campaign page, find your reward, click on survey response and edit your address. This will help me from making any shipping mistakes. I am using a shipping app called Shipping-Easy which sends out an e-mail with tracking when your reward is being send out.

All the black DaHANGERs have shipped and granite white is next. There are 10 grey DaHANGERs that we received to approve the color that will also ship in the next two weeks. 

Oh, and one more things, the order of fulfillment is kinda random since my backer report has all of your names in the order of when payment cleared and not when you backed our project. No matter what, everybody will get theirs sooner or later. 

Thank you for hanging in there,


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