Kickstarter update # 39

March 16, 2016

Black DaHÄNGERs are on their way.

Well, I didn't get struck by lightning and boxes are shipping out. But of course there is always a little bad news, but this one only effects me and has nothing to do with the end result. 

all the black once are complete
all the black once are complete
just hanging at UPS
just hanging at UPS


Our latest manufacturer was unable to setup their foaming gun and fill the parts with foam for us. booooooo :(  So they are only making the plastic parts for us. 

So I went, picked up the fixture and have been figuring out for the last week how to do this on my own. (with great success so far). The secret is using the right foam, having vents at the right spot and one very common but secrete ingredient that makes it possible. 

The good news is I am able to finish them, including the flame polish. The bad news is that it's just going to be a little slower than originally planned since I have to spend roughly 1 1/2 hours on each unit before I can send it out.

I do love that I am involved in the making of the product again and have the hands on experience that I am used to.

The granite white DaHÄNGERs will be next. 

thanks for hanging in there.


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