March 07, 2017

I can think of more than one reason (well, actually five reasons) why your bike deserves to sleep on a wall inside your home or garage.

 So many ways to hang a bike.

1. The floor space is for living.

Life is expensive and your bike is not paying any rent. Consider instead of building an addition on your house or a second garage, you could be hanging your bikes up on the wall. Saving yourself thousands of dollars, which could be used to buy more bikes :)

2. Shit happens.

Bikes fall over, shit happens. The problem is, when that nice carbon fiber frame hits the edge of the door frame, another bike (any sharp point) or whatever else lies in the way, the tears will be large and plentiful. Side impact is definitely carbon fibers achilles heal. 

3. The motivation factor.

Seeing your bike hang on the wall, ready to roll, begging you to take it out for a ride is highly motivating and sometimes that extra nudge you needed to turn that thought of an after work ride into an action.

4. Bike thieves suck.

Bikes are easy prey for thieves and vandals. Not sure why stealing a bike doesn't sound as much of a criminal act than stealing a car, but the fact is that some cyclists have more money invested in bikes than in their car. This and the ability to sell stolen goods on the internet makes bikes an easy target.

5. Some bikes are art.

Only cycling nerds like me will understand this last and final argument. The beauty of a hand crafted one of kind bicycle is 100% art and when not ridden needs to be properly displayed.

So many ways to hang a bike. 

What to do? There are three choices and no right or wrong way. What is the best way for you depends a lot on how many bikes, what kind of bikes and the layout of the space that is available for storage.

1.Front wheel hooks.  

front wheel hooks

Did you splurge and finally get those deep dish rims? Are you completely hooked on fat-biking? In both instances you would most likely not want to use a cheap front wheel hook. First of all they wouldn't fit (unless they are massively oversized hooks) and second, who wants to scratch and damage the rims on either bike. Front wheel hooks are very useful but awkward to use and are limited to certain wheel sizes and bikes. They can be space saving when used with a single bike in the corner. Multiple bikes hung on front wheel hooks take up a lot of space since they are oriented perpendicular to the wall and reach far into the living/garage space. 

2. Wall brackets or shelves.

wall brackets

Wall brackets and shelves store the bikes horizontally and are easy to use. There are many different versions and options available and some of them even have extra storage for all your cycling gear like helmets, shoes and gloves. Shelves are the most expensive solution and can range from $50.-  to $500.- depending on the finish and their functionality. They are considered furniture and are often used to display that one special bike that deserves to be the center of attention. Wall brackets look a lot more like your standard front wheel hook, they are mostly made out of bent metal with rubber coated arms to hold bikes by the top tube. 

3. Pedal Hooks.

pedal hooks

This is another horizontal storage option but unlike the shelves, there is no extra storage. They are easy to use and offer the display look of shelves and brackets at a lower cost. The newest version of pedal hooks from DaHÄNGER are called DANwhich angles the bikes slightly from the wall allowing for a staggered installation. This is by far the most space saving solution when it comes to floor space and square footage.  

Now you know.

.....and by the way, it doesn't matter which option you choose.
What matters is that you are interested in living a healthy cycling lifestyle.
More riding and less driving is the secret to a happy life.

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