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Please be careful when shopping online. The number of pretend companies that are using our photos and videos are on the rise and there is not much I can do about it. I actually called into a radio show to get some advice from a panel of lawyers. Here is what they said: 

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jurgen beneke
jurgen beneke

March 19, 2021

Awesomesauce, I will send you a DM and figure out how we can help with your raffle. There might be a couple Dans that want to participate :) Cheers Jurgen

Adrian Whitmore
Adrian Whitmore

March 19, 2021

I 1st saw this product in Pinterest. I was intrigued as I believe bikes belong in the house not in a shed. (Unless shed is heated and locked).

I recently bought two of your dasprock hangers and today bought the dabigringer. I have created a bike room. I will post it up on IG once its done.

But since your an American product: I am the race director of the Bearlodge
Mtn Classic here in Sundance, Wy. It iis mtn bike race. 16 yrs now.. I am always looking for neat or cool ideas for raffles prizes that are not tubes, socks, waterbottles etc..

The Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming are great cycling communities and I would like to see people see your product. Its innovative, very simple, space saving, and artistic. And IT WORKS.

I completely understand if you would not want to sponsor prizes, but I will promote the sponsorship on Posters, race t-shirts and the IG page, FB page, Bearlodge Mtn Classic web page. They will go to racers/riders entered in the event. We pull from the surrounding states and area and have 150 capped registration.. (Venue space)

We are SCGMBA ,Sundance Chain Gang Mountain Bike Association, and are cycling advocates.

You can research us at and we do have Facebook pages for Club, The race, and the fatbiking grooming project we started awhile back. 1st in the Black hills to have permitted grooming for the National Forest. We have been busy. Please research us. If you would like help to push the product this direction let us know.



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