December 01, 2016

Not only is it made in the USA. It's actually made by me. :) After three manufacturers failed to finish the DaHANGER production, 1/2 of the manufacturing is done here in Kingston NY. This is our massive foam fixture that holds and keeps the part in place while the HD foam hardens and makes a solid part.
Making American manufacturing great again is going to be really difficult since most of them have already gone overseas and the few that are left only want the easy big money jobs. As soon as you have to touch parts and do manual labor you are on your own. This wouldn't be a problem if made in USA products could be sold for a premium, but that is a faulty statement. The conflict at heart is that Americans can't keep asking for cheaper products, buying things in Walmart that are made overseas and ask for jobs to come back. It will never happen unless money starts circulating on a local level. It would also help if small retailers would offer more locally made products since that might create local jobs and turn workers into customers. Nevertheless, I am extremely happy to be able to send our hangers around the world and continue to plan our next products. DaHANGERs will most likely be always made in the USA, but I am already looking overseas for our second Kickstarter manufacturer since price matters and making money would allow me to hire the first employee to help with fulfillment and manufacturing. If you want to be in the loop and first to find out what the next project will be, please sign up to our newsletter.

Jurgen Beneke

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