May 01, 2018

We made a mistake and Dani is here to fix it.

There is a major problem with the Dan pedal hook system. We totally forgot that you need a place to hang your helmet, camelback and open a cold one after your hot summer rides. (could be a soda) Dani just showed up at our shop and is trying to reunite with all the Dans out there. You can help by adding a Dani to your Dan at a discounted price. use promo code: halfthesizedoublethefun 

Is it inappropriate to crack open bottles with your croch? Maybe?
Will there be social outcry against anybody who uses Dani this way? Definitely!!!
He/she, (nobody knows) is available in red, white and blue »

MTB lifestyle completed

Dan finally has a partner in crime that will help him hold on to your stuff. 

Use promo code: "halfthesizedoublethefun" when adding Dani to any Dan pedal hook system.

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