Kickstarter update #33

October 09, 2015

Today was the earliest that our foam fixture could have been finished but unfortunately the tool shop hasn't been able to complete it because of other jobs and pushed the delivery date back to the 23rd of October. Ouch :(  This seemed unacceptable to our manufacturer who is pushing them hard to complete it by the 16th. There is not much I can do about this but sit tight and prepare for the time when things are going to come in. 

One thing that I did do is build a little photo booth in the shop so that I can take photos of the actual pieces once we get them. 

DIY photo booth
DIY photo booth

The DYI photo booth: It's pretty cool since all I used for this was four shower curtains and a  bunch of light cans. 

Here are some pics of the black (recycled) DaHÄNGER without foam and felt pad. 

I will post an update as soon as I have any news about the foam fixture.

thanks for hanging in there.


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