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August 05, 2015

It's fun to live in the city that has bike path everywhere. You can ride to stores, go shopping or commute without ever spending a dime on gas or parking. Allowing you to spend your money on things that actually improve your quality of life, like eating better food and going out with friends . This is what I remember life was like growing up in Germany and most European cities that I have visited.


Now almost twenty years later, it looks like this trend is jumping across the ocean and starting to creep slowly into US-Cities. There are more and more bikes path and many corporate offices encourage commuting by bike and offer bike parking. The benefit of the physical exercise and the stress relieve is a win win for everybody. Most people that have changed to commuting on bikes have turned the most hated slice of the day into their personal highlight. So please consider where you live and think about how important bike-ablity is for you:

Location - location - location


It's good for you, your wallet and everybody who lives in a city. Before your next move you should read this blog post from and think about how important a bike-able location and bike friendly apartment is to you.

ride on.....



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