Kickstarter update #21 DaHÄNGER made in USA

March 24, 2015

Hi guys, 

Apparently nothing happens in a straight line. There are curves, turns and bumps everywhere. The latest minor detour is brought to you by our US-customs office that has put our container with the tooling on intensive exam hold. What does that mean? Our container got discharged from the vessel and is waiting for an extra exam. (Customs exam holds are unavoidable and they are crucial to protect our homeland from contraband. Each year alone thousands of containers are held up).

If you want to read more about importing goods and customs you should check out thislink:

This is one of the main reasons why we are happy to produce the DaHÄNGER in the USA. Once our mold is setup we will have super short lead times and can adjust to market demands in a flash. Everybody working in the factory in New York get's paid a good salary and is part of the community which is the best way to create a sustainable economy. Unfortunately most large multi-national corporations don't do this and are slowly deteriorating the US labor market (and their own customer base). 

I believe that the people making your stuff should make enough money to buy the stuff as well. 

Sorry about the rant, but I want to make cool products, pay my bills and sleep well at night. Exploiting cheap labor was not part of the plan, and the only reason why we had our mold made in China was because nobody here is making steel molds anymore. (and giving the size of our mold, steel is going to the best choice) Kickstarter has given me the opportunity to start a company and I am planning to do the best I can, but I am not going to ignore my personal values. If certain things have to be made overseas because you can't compete making them here then sure, "yes" that is the only reason for me to do so. The DaHANGER is really large in size and doesn't nest, so shipping them across the ocean is not ideal and expensive. It can be made here in the USA and compete on price with any overseas manufacturer. I am so excited to be getting closer to the final stage of this product development road and start shipping them out soon. 

I will post an update again when I hear about the new arrival date. (once it clears customs)

thanks for the support,

Jurgen Beneke

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