March 06, 2015

#1 - most famous bike hanging on a wall


Seinfeld’s green Klein is by far the most famous bike ever to be hung on a wall. Not sure how Klein ended up being the bike of choice, but it is burnt in our memory forever. There was a short period of time where the bike was replaced by a Cannondale, but the lack of color made it very forgettable.

#2 - most famous Muppet to ride a bike


In 1974 ABC aired the “Muppets Valentine Show”. This was the first time a Muppet was trying to keep the rubber side down. Kermit didn’t completely succeed at this since he crashed into a fence during the number “Froggy Went A Courtin”.

#3 - most desirable movie race bike



The red Masi used in “Breaking Away” was definitely the biggest eye candy in 1979. The good new is, if you bought one back then and held on to it until now you can always get your money back and then some.

#4 - most educational comic book bike hero


There have been a couple of comic book characters riding bikes, but there was only one super hero that was trying to educate on bike safety. Sprocket Man first appeared in the 1975 Stanford campus comic strip and has since then returned in 2002 with a slightly more updated bike.

#5 - most famous (maybe the first ever and only?) Christian bike movie



It certainly was refreshing to see that in 2010 “The potential inside” made good use of real bike racers with professional equipment.

#6 - best jump on a ten-speed



Kevin Bacon for sure had a hard time trying convince everybody that being a messenger is better than making millions in the stock market, but the riding scenes thru San Francisco in this 1986 movie "Quicksilver" are definitely worth watching.

#7 - most ridiculous rpm’s on a fixie


Not sure what gearing Joseph Gordon-Levitt had on his fixie in the 2012 movie “Premuim Rush”, but our guess is it was smaller than a 48 x 15. The director must have thought that quicker leg revolutions translate into better action.

#8 - best BMX bike ridden by an Alien


1982’s ET was filmed during the height of the BMX boom and the red Kuwahara was definitely the bike every boy (or girl) wanted. (but without the basket)

#9 - Most dramatic (little over the top) soundtrack for bike movie


Kevin Costner stared in this cycling movie from 1985. The soundtrack from Glenn Shorrock is definitely classic 80’s material and we love it for that.

#10 - craziest bike designs in a movie


This is an all time favorite movie and the bikes from “ The Flying Scotsman” are just mind blowing since this was not fiction but reality.

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