DaHÄNGER - New name and tooling update.

December 10, 2014

Well, it took a little longer than expected but we officially have a new name. From now on “the bike shelf formerly know as Shelfie” (poking a little fun at Prince) will be called DaHÄNGER. Since it was developed and tested in “da Bronx” with a strong European design influence it just seemed fitting to add the Umlaut over the “A”. Our trademark search came back without any similar marks and all the paperwork has been filed with the PTO.

We also tested our mold last week, which still needs some improvements. I received a sample (not completely filled part) and we are really close.

This is pretty technical but there are a lot of you that are in the industry and will understand what I am talking about. Gating the mold from the back is not allowing us to make a complete part. It is just too far for the material to travel all the way from back wall along the inside walls towards the front and then back around. The pressure needed is just too high and has damaged the core again. The new plan is to have four gates at the front of the part (version B) and also interlock the core with the cavity thru two little windows. We will make an additional small mold to create two faceplates that will fit into the windows and hide the four gate marks.

not completely filled part
not completely filled part
position of new gates (version B)
position of new gates (version B)

We are also installing a hot manifold (hot runner) which insures that the material is as hot as possible when it enters the mold thru the four gates. This will reduce the pressure needed to fill the mold. Bottom line is that we added another six weeks to our timeline with all the changes and upgrades. Our tooling costs are now officially exceeding our Kickstarter funding and we are dipping into our saving to make this happen. What we are doing now is upgrading our tooling from a Chevy to Cadillac. I am very confident that our next mold testing will be successful. 

Please be patient and be assured that I am working my hardest to get this done.

Thank you for all the support.


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