Bicycle storage "Shelfie" Kickstarter project is in the home stretch

May 07, 2014


Shelfie Kickstarter project is in the home stretch!!!

Because of the success of the campaign we can choose the best manufacturing the US has to offer.  

Over the last two weeks we visited two more manufacturers (Chicago and Long Island) and are super excited that both, the high quality requested and our delivery date are no problem. 

WOW - amazing feedback.

We have gotten some really constructive feedback and are able to react to some of the best input immediately since we are still in the tooling-design phase. The biggest change from prototypes to production models will be the points of attachment. The early Shelfies were bolted to the wall with two wall anchors at the upper/inside of the interior compartment. The new and improved version will have four points of attachment (one in each corner) which will allow us to always have two fasteners mount directly to the studs and the other two will be snap-toggle bolts which we will supply. We have also designed a cap/plug to conceal any screw heads to keep a nice and clean look.

The creative Shelfie team is getting bigger.

Long time friend and former racer Lisa Sher is officially our web-designer and already did a great job on all of our stickers and T-shirts. Look out for a new and improved website in the next couple of weeks. We had a lot of fun meeting up with her while visiting a manufacturer in Chicago. (btw. we did clean up - no stickers where left behind :))

 Thank you so much for all the support and feedback

Jurgen Beneke

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