DaBigRing foot plate (single part)

This is a single part for the DaBigRing pedal hook system. If you need to change from a standard to a large toe gap or vice versa you can just order this part and change out the foot plate on your DaBigRing pedal hook system. 

Available in two colors (pictures only show black)

Two choices of toe gaps

Standard: 95% of pedals will fit in the standard toe gap (26mm) which was designed  to work with small to medium platform and clipless pedals from Shimano and Time all the way to Speedplay and Eggbeaters. 

Large: The newer style of platform pedals like the Syntace No.9, RaceFace Atlas and even some power meter pedals with encased external bearings needed a bigger gap. The large toe gap of 31mm will fit this new generation of pedals and we will keep improving on this if necessary. 



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