About Us

It is really hard to frown when riding a bike.                          
This is why we are trying to make the world a nicer place to live one bike at a time. 
Riding removes the daily stress, is good exercise, saves you money and makes urban
living much more pleasant by reducing pollution, noise and traffic.



Jurgen Beneke - founder and CEO

My whole life has been about bikes.

At age five I started commuting to Kindergarten and spent most of my days riding my bike.

In 1984 I raced my first road race and joined the local cycling club in my hometown Freiburg in the black forest. (Germany)

The following years I raced road, cyclo-cross and mountain bikes and was able to turned my passion into a job by racing professionally for over 10 years.


Being able to quit my job as a tool&die maker was a dream come true but the passion for designing and building things stayed during my years on the road.

After my racing career fizzled out in 2000, I started renovating homes and making furniture.

Working in New York City apartment buildings taught me how to make the most out of small spaces and that the best designs are often the ones with more than one function.

Bikes were everywhere. I had collected over 20 bikes and some of them were true collector items that just didn't belong in a basement.

I needed to find a better way to organize, show off and store all my different bikes, but when I was looking for a cool contemporary bike wall mount I couldn't find anything that would work for all my bikes. That is when I decided to build the first DaHÄNGER.

It was in the winter of 2013 and took over three weeks to finish. Everybody who saw it loved it and wanted one but there was no way for me to make them at a reasonable price. So I literally put the idea of making DaHÄNGER's for clients on the shelf and got back into renovating apartments. Almost a year later while organizing my shop I held a DaHÄNGER in my hand and thought about my early days as a tool&die maker and there it was, the answer: "PLASTICS".

"using a little bit of fossil fuel (plastics) to get people to ride more bikes and leave their cars at home, is a step in the right direction”

I truly believe life is better when you ride a bike. The daily stress melts away and you can think clearly. 

I want to make it easier for everyone to store their bicycles in their home and have a daily bike ride be the highlight of their day.

thank you for your support.

Now get out and ride :)